MATIT History

MATIT was formed in 2002 pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 471.59 and 471.981.  Participation in MATIT is open to any township that is a member of the Minnesota Association of Townships (MAT). Townships continue to come together to collectively self-insure their assets, spread the risk of loss and share the benefits that may be possible because of this mutual relationship.

MATIT is governed by a five-member board of trustees. As a joint power entity MATIT is a reflection of townships.

Benefits of Participating

Unlike an insurance company that is obligated to make a profit for its shareholders, MATIT has no such obligation. MATIT’s focus is to provide cost effective coverage and quality services to the membership.

MATIT pays no agent commissions or sales fees. As a public entity it is tax exempt.

Over the past twenty (20) years, MATIT has demonstrated its value by:

Ø paying members’ covered losses and

Ø aiding members in the reduction and severity of claims.

MATIT’s membership remains stable with homogeneous risks. This economy of scale provides distinct advantages when purchasing reinsurance or developing programs and services. Over the years, this arrangement has insulated the membership from the cycle nature of insurance.

MATIT’s coverage provides protection for members’ most common risks (i.e., Open Meeting Law, road maintenance, land use decisions). Pooling spreads the cost of risk among the members, thus stabilizing costs of coverage. In essence, member townships are insuring themselves and one another when they become part of MATIT.

Accordingly, MATIT’s policies are designed with the needs of Minnesota townships as the primary focus.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Minnesota Association of Townships Insurance Trust is to provide townships in Minnesota with affordable coverage tailored to their unique needs, superior claims handling services and information, and resources that support the efforts of the township leaders in avoiding loss.


MATIT has identified the following values as being critical to the success of the organization. These fundamental values are considered by the Board when making decisions that further the mission of the Trust.
Ethics and Integrity:  MATIT believes that trust and confidence are at the foundation upon which board members and staff build successful, meaningful, and enduring relationships with members.
Fiscal Responsibility:   MATIT believes that the prudent stewardship of members' assets is essential to maintain member confidence.
Transparency:  MATIT believes that conversations and communications at every level of the organization must be clear, concise, and designed to inform the membership on all aspects of MATIT and foster a positive environment for everyone associated with the Trust.
Visionary leadership and Planning:  MATIT believes that is it critical that leadership appreciates and anticipates how decisions made today can impact the future and how best to prepare for future opportunities.
Professionalism:  MATIT believes that improvement and professional development of those servicing the membership will have a positive impact on the performance of the Trust.
Membership relations:  MATIT believes that our members should be able to respect, trust and have confidence in the board and staff to provide professional, cost-effective services to accomplish the mission of the Trust.
Equitability:  MATIT believes that regardless of demographic or geographics members should be treated uniformly in the provision of services and coverage.


MATIT's mission and values are intended to support and enhance MATIT's program goals. 
Goal #1 Provide services in a professional and cost-effective manner that supports the mission of MATIT. 
Goal #2 Ensure the fiscal health and stability of the MATIT. 
Goal #3 Adapt to member expectations with consideration to changes in the political, legislative, and economic landscapes that have the potential to impact the success of the MATIT. 
Goal #4 Continue to ensure positive working relationships with members, the Minnesota Association of Townships and other organizations and associations whose interests may impact the MATIT.